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#1 Valet Service Company in Houston, Texas and We Can Prove It

We will set the tone for your customers’ experience.  We’re the first point of contact for your establishment and there’s no replacement for an excellent first impression.

First Impressions With Next Level Valet

  • To Be Greeted with a Smile
  • Positive Attitude, Attire, and Appearance
  • Take Genuine Care of their Vehicle

They are coming to the restaurant or event as an escape.   They come to be treated with genuine hospitality. It’s our responsibility to deliver on this expectation.

The name Next Level, was born of this desire.


  • Private Parties
  • Galas
  • Concerts
  • Fundraising events


  • Parking Lot Leasing Management
  • Seminars
  • Hotel Parking Management
  • Employee Permit & Parking Programs
  • Consulting Services


  • Restaurant Parking Management
  • Revenue Sharing & Validation Programs
  • Multi-Restaurant Cooperative Agreements

Why choose Next Level Valet?

As a Texas-based full-service parking management company, we have many years of experience serving our clients and the community. As such, we at Next Level Valet understand the importance of stress-free parking at your company and special events.


What type of uniforms does your staff wear?

We offer a variety of different style uniforms to be in-line with your event.

Our polo style short sleeve shirts come standard but we can easily upgrade to more formal attire.  You let us know your expectations and we’ll customize our appearance to go beyond for you.


How much should we expect to pay?

We offer free quotes and guarantee an amazing experience for every client and customer.


What happens if the event exceeds the end time?

Depending on your contract and your account type, the overage rate is based on a few factors. The biggest deciding criteria is the number of drivers and managers present at your event.  We take special consideration for charity and fundraising events.


Are you insured?

Yes. We carry and maintain, at all times, effective automotive and garage liability insurance.


What type of equipment do you use?

Each event comes with our specialized kit which contains the most innovative and presentable equipment in our industry.

The kit includes valet lock box for keys, directional signs, cones, parking tickets, and flashlights.

We also offer additional equipment should your event require any special accommodations.


Call 713-322-4002 for a quote within 24 hours!

We had a great experience. Hunter was quick to respond to my emails and very helpful in getting services set up for our wedding. During the event, we were incredibly impressed with the quality of service we received through Next Level Valet.

The employees were quick and efficient at their jobs, literally sprinting to retrieve cars at the end of the night. They were easy to work with, and very courteous and friendly to or guests. We were very happy that we chose this company for valet services.—Courtney Sienkiet