Valet Parking Services For Restaurants

Anyone who has ever been to a restaurant knows a good experience starts as soon as you pull up and ends only after you’ve left. The difference between a great experience and a bad one could be one grumpy waiter, a long wait or even just a dirty glass.

As someone who’s responsible for a restaurant, you want to make sure you do everything you can to give guests a good experience. And that starts as soon as your customer drives up in their car.

Instead of making your guests drive around in search of a parking spot, offer them the ultimate convenience of valet parking services. It’s more affordable than you think and can really improve the image of your restaurant.

Not all valet services offer the same commitment to service though, so be careful who you hire for this important task. Here’s a closer look at how valet parking can change a customer’s impression of your restaurant for the better.

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Truly Prioritize the Customer Experience and Go the Extra Mile

There’s a difference between eating at a casual dining restaurant and experiencing the luxury of finer dining. Most of those differences lie in the smaller details and standards of customer care.

Take this restaurant owner’s experience as an example. Martin owned a fine dining Italian restaurant. He only hired chefs who had traveled to Italy, used the finest handmade dishes, and trained his waitstaff in all the smaller details.

He even offered dishes of warm, dampened towels at tableside to complete each meal. Every phase of his dining experience was carefully planned and held to a high standard.

Everything inside the restaurant was exact and refined to Martin’s liking. But the experience as soon as a guest stepped foot outside the restaurant was not carefully considered.

The restaurant did not offer covered parking. As a result, guests had to walk through bad weather or heat to arrive at the restaurant. It often affected guests’ willingness to frequent Martin’s dining place.

It never occurred to Martin to offer amenities to his guests outside of his restaurant. Until one day, several customers compared his restaurant to others that offered valet parking.

Martin walked by the table and overheard the conversation. Soon after, he began searching for valet parking services.

Not long after hiring a valet company, Martin experienced a noticeable increase in customers. He succeeded in giving a better dining experience from start to finish for his guests.

The trust is, any restaurant could use valet parking services to improve the customer’s experience of dining there. Not only does it make parking convenient, valet services increase security and leave a better impression on guests too.

Valet parking services are an affordable way to make your restaurant classier and more tasteful for patrons. Professional services don’t require more effort from you and can be an easy way to improve customer care. Here’s a look at what else valet services can do for your restaurant.

Increase Security, Add Convenience and Greet Your Guests Right With Valet Parking Services

Valet parking can add many positive elements to someone’s dining experience. It’s taking the time to pay attention to these kinds of details that can separate your restaurant from your competition. Listed here are just a few of the biggest benefits of having valet service.


Having a parking attendant to watch over the parking lot can help deter possible crime. Someone who is thinking of breaking into vehicles won’t if people are present.

Valet services also help patrons feel safer, especially at night or if they are traveling alone. People don’t have to walk back to their cars or worry about their vehicles and belongings.

With valet parking, I never have to worry about my makeup or hair, which takes hours to do. It’s a service that’s a deal breaker for me on certain nights.”  – Janice W.


Some guests may be unable to walk far or just prefer to enter the door. During bad weather or heat, guests may not want to walk outside as it may ruin their appearance or clothing.

Offering the option of valet parking makes things more convenient for your guests. Whatever their reasons to use it, they can’t if your restaurant doesn’t offer it.

“My mother-in-law can’t walk far but we wanted to take her out for a nice birthday celebration. Valet parking made it easy for us…”Ellen, Houston


Offering amenities like valet parking, coat checks or extras in the restrooms can elevate your guests’ experiences at your restaurant. Paying attention to these details can distinguish you from similar competitors.

If you can leave a positive impression in your guests’ minds, then you have increased your chances of having a repeat customer. Valet parking services are an excellent way to reach that goal.

Established restaurants have trusted Next Level Valet for their parking services and improved their customers’ dining experiences. You can enjoy the positive changes of valet parking for your dining establishment too.

Offer your guests the comfort and convenience you would want for yourself and invest in valet parking services. Here’s how to get in touch with Next Level Valet.

Let Our Team of Experienced Professionals Provide Exceptional Services

Valet parking is about more than simple convenience. With the right professional attendants to greet each guest properly, you can rest assured you’re providing a good experience at your restaurant from the very first encounter.

And when all is said and done, the valet parking attendants will end your guests’ nights with a warm farewell too. Nothing urges a guest to remember your dining establishment like a great experience from start to finish.

Let Next Level Valet help you provide that experience. Simply fill out the contact form on their website and one of their representatives will contact you.

Without parking services, you leave your guests to fend for themselves. Or you could use a cheap competitor who may lack the commitment to high standards and quality customer care. But why risk any of that when you can choose Next Level Valet.

Together, we can create the ultimate dining experience and make more happy customers.