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Have you ever been to a stellar party that left an impression? The most successful events go above and beyond the ordinary to ensure guests have a great time.

Great food and drink are a given. But what else can you do? Valet parking is one of those extra details that can take your party from okay to impressive. Wow, your guests with this added convenience.


Your guests will feel cared for and like they are getting the VIP treatment. It can be especially useful for venues that may have odd parking instructions or a removed parking lot.

Whether you’re throwing a special celebration for a life event or hosting a corporate dinner, using valet services has lots of benefits for you AND your guests.

Here’s a closer look at how valet parking services can increase convenience and add sophistication to your special occasion.

Here’s Why The Best Parties Use Valet Parking Services


private event valetConsider this story about a woman who went to her company holiday party. Her name was Sara and she worked for a software company that dealt with retail management.

Sara was excited about the party because they would be handing out bonuses for the year. She was given instructions on where to park her car before arriving at the venue. Once she was in the area, she had trouble locating the correct parking area.

She walked over to the venue and was told she’d parked in the wrong lot. Not wanting to get towed, Sarah headed back to move her car. It began to rain on her way back. She felt a blister forming where her heels rubbed against her ankle.


Feeling a bit flustered, she beelined to the bathroom to fix her hair, which had gotten frizzy from the humidity.

Sara spent the evening feeling self-conscious about her hair and avoided walking too much because of the blister on her ankle. When it came time to hand out the bonuses, it was surprisingly less than she’d anticipated.

At the end of the night, she made the trip back to her car and left the party feeling disappointed.

Now, there are multiple reasons why Sara didn’t enjoy her evening as much as she could. But one of the biggest problems with the night was feeling uncomfortable because of that blister and her ruined hairdo.

Don’t make the same mistake with your party. When planning a special event, consider your guests’ comfort and convenience. The best parties don’t start off on a sour note or ruin your guests’ moods before they’re even in the door.

Using valet parking services for events offers many benefits for guest comfort. Some of those are:


  • Guests don’t have to walk as far – Valet services prevent your guests from having to park far away or being confused by any special parking instructions. Avoid blisters or cramped feet early on so people can mingle longer!


  • Protects guest appearances – Humidity in Texas can be a problem. Hair spray and antiperspirant can only go so far. Valet parking lets your guests walk quickly from their cars to the entrance of the venue so they don’t need to worry about problems with their appearance.


  • Protects guests against the elements – Weather can be a factor depending on the time of year. During winter, it can rain without notice and summers can be scorching hot. Offering parking services makes sure your guests don’t have to be uncomfortable or walk through the rain.


  • Adds sophistication to your event – Your guests’ first impression of the event will be positive as they are greeted with friendly parking services. And as their car is brought back to them, they’ll be sent off.


  • Reduces problems with parking logistics – As a host, there are so many things you have to think about when planning a party. You can leave the entire parking situation up to someone else and not worry about it.


Not only that, people will be pleasantly surprised at the added convenience and know you went above and beyond to make them comfortable. Of course, there are other ways to add details to your party too.

Here are some more ways to make an event memorable.

More Tips On How to Make Your Event Special


professional valet servicesThe best parties start off with a bang. There’s no better way to do that than to surprise your guests with the convenience of valet parking.

To keep a good impression going, provide your guests with quality food and drink. There are lots of ways you can add in extra details to make your event special and leave your guests with a good impression. Consider some of these:


  • Offer a quality dessert – For those with a sweet tooth, there’s nothing better than a delectable dessert. In our photo-heavy world, little snacks may end up on social media and go down in digital preservation to remind them of your fun party for years to come.


  • Give out favors – Anything people can take home will make them feel special and remind them of your event every time they see it. This can be as small as a glass or a pen. Don’t be afraid to get creative!


  • Do something different – If you really want to be remembered, incorporate something really unique into your event. Picture booths are growing in popularity and will allow your guests to take home a physical piece of the night in the form of a photo strip. Photo booths generally come with props, so your guests will relax even more if they can be a little silly.

If you’re really feeling adventurous, opt for a dance floor filled with foam or even an adult bounce house!

Of course, budgeting for your event is important. Having extras will leave your guests with an impression and help them create lasting memories. Above all, prioritize convenience so your guests arrive in the right mood for a fun night.

The best way to start your event is with valet parking services. Choose a company with a solid reputation and experience giving quality customer service.  Next Level Valet services the AustinDallas, and Houston area.

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